Our quality criteria for online market research:

Contacting participants

We contact the participants by e-mail and give them a password. They can only enter the questionnaire with this password. Thus, uninvited guests and multiple surveys are excluded. Pop-up-boxes, which only pop up every x-th visit of the homepage, avoid the distortion of the sample.


You need not do without the common standards of a classic poll. Our system allows open questions, selective questions, multiple answers, precoded answers, matrix questions, rotations, conditional skips and more. Multimedia elements like images or videos can also be imbedded.


Thanks to quotations the desired number of samples is reached safely and quickly. Redundant interviews are avoided.


A dynamic questionnaire, which asks questions according to answers given before and which hides unneeded questions, unerringly leads the interviewee through the survey.


Undesired input patterns are prevented by the rotation and randomization of questions.

The concept of a questionnaire

Benefit from our experience in online market research! We work out a questionnaire concept, which is tailored to your concerns and to the specific requirements of an online survey.

Ease to use

The homepage visitors participate with fun at the survey, because its guidance is self-explanatory and without premises. The questions are asked separately so that annoying scrolling is not necessary. Additional help functions can be added.

Avoidance of drop-outs

A bar indicating the progress of the interview helps the participant to orientate in time. Design and diversity of the questionnaire provide variety so that the participant will also conclude the interview. The types and the sequence of the questions are optimised to minimise the number of drop-outs.


An appealing design animates the visitors of the homepage to take part in the survey and it reduces the danger of a premature discontinuation. Obviously you have got the possibility to adapt the design of the questionnaire to your corporate identity.


As we separate the web server from the poll server, we guarantee the safety of the collected data. Insights from the outside are excluded.

Surveys around the clock

In opposition to interviews on the telephone or to personal interviews, online surveys can be done at any time. Participants who are usually not available can take part in the survey nevertheless.

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