A proficient and motivated team is in charge of solving your problems and tasks.

A proficient and motivated team is in charge of solving your problems and tasks.

Vital performances are not delegated to a “network”.  We are a one-stop shop for the concept and the implementation of your projects. Moreover our flexible and lean corporate structure guarantees an excellent price-performance-ratio.

Thinking and acting actively ahead are crucial aspects for us. We guarantee to provide a high quality of results and to meet the deadlines thanks to a well-structured approach and to procedures which assure quality.

We are open to new developments and we see a personal challenge in every task. It is important to qualify our team in order to perfectly carry out your wishes. Naturally, you will be getting a regular feedback during the project so that we can still make last-minute changes during the project. The data you supply us with and the information we get during our research are treated as strictly confidential.

15 staff members and 120 interviewers work on the implementation of your projects. Our CATI – Studio offers more than 50 computer- assisted telephone working places. Personal interviews can be assisted by laptop (CAPI).

Furthermore we have rooms and technology at our disposal to carry out focus groups, workshops or seminaries.
Our interviewers and moderators are intensively briefed both orally and in written form before every project so they can proficiently answer the participants’ questions. We also have a large pool of native speakers opening the way to the implementation of international research studies.

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