Review the user-friendliness of your internet pages.


The usability test checks your web-site on design and user-friendliness. We consider criteria like choice of words, appearance, information, navigation or clarity. You will get important information on how users use the site, if navigation or understanding problems occur among your target group and if your site answers your customers’ expectations.

It is important to already integrate the user at the stage of designing the site, because a web designer cannot anticipate the user’s comportment. Users often react differently to what has been expected by the designer. Moreover the potential customers’ ideas and desires combined with the expert’s knowledge deliver the optimal structure.

When we analyse your web-site, one-to-one interviews are made in a test studio. Potential users are confronted to a typical situation using your website and those of your competitors. Eventually they comment on their observations and experience.
Another possibility is an integrated online questionnaire on your website. The user directly gives his view on your pages, critics and suggestions so that your can react to the customers’ wishes in a minimum of time.

Your advantage

The usability-test can be made during the process of web-design as well as on a already installed web-site. The results of this are information on a user-friendly web-design. You will get recommendations on website maintenance and an ample analysis with suggestions on how to improve it. If you implement those suggestions you will have satisfied customers and users, who will come again and again.

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