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We measure the entire market share and the market share of single products. We find out the bank’s image and the customer satisfaction. We show you your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your competitors. Your business data is examined and analysed over a specific period of time.

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Research in satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

As markets are saturated and products and services more and more homogeneous, companies have to think of something to convince their customers, for satisfied customers are less likely to switch suppliers and offers. It is therefore essential to move customers from an attitude of indifference, which means that products or services are seen as exchangeable, to an attitude of approval.

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maix analytics

New division

maix analytics ensures relevant, accurate and targeted data and analytics to maximize your company`s profitability and growth potential.

As a full-service-provider MAIX Market Research & Consulting offers a large variety of services in market research. We carry out entire market research projects beginning with the analysis, going on with the planning and the implementation and finally concluding with the evaluation and the deduction of a recommended course of action. Our proficient team can advise you individually at every stage of your market research. With a base of longterm experience with various methods we will find exact answers to your individual questions. Our flexible and lean corporate structure guarantees an excellent price-performance-ratio.
Moreover we offer you classic field services, which can be carried out by telephone, personally or online. Thanks to 50 computer- assisted telephone working places and to a large pool of German and international staff we can guarantee the professional implementation of studies on the German-speaking and on international markets.

Further information

Information for participants

We inform you on our work and the principles we adhere to on our page for participants. We guarantee data privacy protection and anonymity!

Current projects

We carry out telephone-based surveys of private individuals and companies on banks and savings banks on a continuous basis throughout Germany. Your information will be evaluated completely anonymously, a later reference to your person or your company is not possible. By participating, you can help to improve the service provided for you by banks and savings banks.


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