Paper-and-pencil interview

Description of the technique

In some situations neither telephone nor face-to-face or online interviews are possible or ideal. Thanks to standardised paper questionnaires, surveys can also be done by the participants who fill out the questionnaire by themselves.

Pros and cons of the technique

Some target groups are difficult to contact by phone or online. In this case a paper-and-pencil interview is a reasonable alternative.

However, the dispatch of the questionnaires, the individual time to fill it out and the gathering of data by hand need much more time for the field work than the real-time collection of data in telephone or online interviews.

Our performance

The questionnaires are graphically attractive designed, including help buttons and many examples, they are self-explanatory and motivating. We organise the field phase starting with the printing and the dispatch of the questionnaires and finally receive the answers. The data is typed in twice to make sure that it is correctly transmitted from paper to electronic file.

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