Online-survey – CAWI: Realise your poll in the internet and benefit from the advantages.

Description of the technique

Online-surveys (Computer Aided Web Interviewing) are getting more and more important in the age of the internet. It offers numerous possibilities in design, which make it more attractive to participate in a survey, e.g. the incorporation of images, videos and music.

Pros and cons of the technique

Online-surveys have advantage over other techniques because respondents can be reached all over the globe, the interviewer bias is avoided and data is transmitted fast and inexpensively. The collected data is stored immediately, so that the current status of the survey can be controlled at any time. Moreover this technique is highly accepted thanks to its anonymity.

Using the internet makes particularly sense, when target groups who are very difficult to reach are to be polled. We recruit participants e.g. by ad banners, online-panels or targeted invitations by e-mail, once a corresponding address list of customers or co-workers exists or has been worked out by us.

Our performance

We establish numerous quality criteria for online-surveys.

When we concept a poll, we consider the comportment of the internet users in order to gain valid and obvious results. We are flexible when it comes to design a questionnaire and we integrate your requirements and ideas. We support you from the planning to the implementation and we are always available for a feedback. You will receive a vivid report on our results and support for further action.

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