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Mystery services

To know your own strengths and weaknesses in dealing with your customers is a priceless value.
Not only the quality of production processes and products are important, but also the quality of services. Direct contact to staff strongly influences the customer’s attitude towards the whole company. This can be vital for the buying decision and customer loyalty.

Our test buyers and test callers give you the information on how your company appears on the market. Furthermore you get an ample image of your staff’s reliability and customer focus.

Based on this data you will find strategic decisions and operative measures for better staff policy and to improve your staff’s sales and consulting behaviour. These results are the basis for the development of trainings and they deliver information on your staff’s potential.

Our well-trained test buyers and callers check the quality of your staff’s consulting and the service. We are ready to support you in the conception, implementation, analysis and deduction of measures to improve your product’s or service’s quality.

Mystery services

Ghost shopping

In customer surveys subjective judgements are revealed, whereas real facts are monitored through ghost shopping.

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Mystery services

Ghost calling

Ghost calling is used to check your service over the phone and your staff’s behaviour while talking to customers.

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