Focus group

Description of the technique

A focus group is a technique of qualitative market research which makes it possible to interview several test persons at the same time. It is guided by a trained moderator and might take one to several hours in time. During the discussion co-workers’, customers’ or experts’ opinions, attitudes, wishes and ideas become apparent. The conversation can be followed by audio-visual recording or by hidden observation and finally be evaluated.

Pros and cons of the technique

The participants are motivated to exchange their ideas thanks to the dynamic of a discussion and to the deft supervision of a moderator. In the situation of an every-day conversation the test persons tell their opinions openly and copiously. A particular advantage of the focus group is the fact that the answers are usually more profound and thus even hidden motives can be discovered.
The good qualifications of the moderator are required to achieve optimal results, because he has to direct group dynamics, such as opinion leadership.
A focus group delivers opinions to a low budget. It is often used as a pre-test before quantitative techniques are implemented in order to get first information on a certain subject.

Our performance

The focus group is a very common technique, because it is interactive and dynamic. We first talk to you about your requirements and prepare guidelines for the conversation. We find the right test persons and one of our specially trained staff members leads the discussion.
You will receive important information on the required subjects thanks to a highly qualified moderation.

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