Check your markets on chances and dangers in your competitive environment.

A market analysis tries to scrutinise the product or the company’s environment as comprehensively and objectively as possible. The collection of the latest market data is part of a company’s daily routine and needs to be done regularly. Misjudgements on the market situation have negative consequences on the company’s success.

Both qualitative and quantitative data are collected in a market analysis. Market share, market volume, growth rate are quantitative information. Qualitative data include customer wishes or factors for buying decisions, for instance.

A market analysis can be divided into target group, competitors and environmental factors. If you have sufficient information on these fields to prepare and to implement your decisions, you will be able to act successfully on the long term.

In a market analysis we collect and analyse all the relevant data for you. We implement studies on image analysis, location analysis, trend analysis and the market analysis system, which is perceived especially for banks and saving banks.
Address us, if you want to know how the market looks like. We guarantee for late and objective information. Our proficient team helps you to interpret the data.

Market analysis

Image analysis

The perception of image strongly influences buying decision, because many customers are rather guided by an emotional attitude towards a company or a product than by functional or rational factors.

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Market analysis

Location analysis

A location analysis shows the potentials and risks of a certain location, no matter if a new location or an ongoing business is concerned.

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Market analysis

Trend analysis

How do your customers and your competitors think, feel and act now and in the future? Have socio- and psychographic conditions, like needs, values or income, changed or will they change in the future? And how do these changes influence your customers’ behaviour?

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