Personal interview (CAPI)

Description of the technique

The Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) is a computer-aided face-to-face interview, which is done with the help of a laptop. The interviewer types the answers directly into a certain programme. Thus extensive, guided interviews are possible.

Pros and cons of this technique

In comparison to a written interview the intermediate step of data input can be omitted, because data is directly available in digital form.
Filtering questions can be asked and questions can be skipped. E.g. it is possible to verify the answers of an interviewee during the input.
The disadvantage of the CAPI is that it is dependent on technical equipment, which causes certain costs. On the other hand it enables an interview at the highest level, because explanatory material can be presented to the respondents and the interviewer can help as a moderator.

Our performance

Do not hesitate to ask us to implement face-to-face interviews. We use up-to-date state of the art equipment, so it is possible to incorporate multimedia elements like images, videos or sounds.

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