Refresh your knowledge of marketing strategies in a workshop.

To secure the long-term success of your company, you need well-founded goals and strategic planning. To help you implement marketing strategies, we run workshops for your management. We design a program that is specifically geared to your goals and wishes. Topics and contents of the workshops are tailored to the needs of your company.

We prepare your employees for the realization of strategies and make them aware that the formulation of concrete marketing goals is indispensable as a starting point for any planning. We present the participants with several methods such as competitive or positioning strategies. Depending on your specific task, more emphasis is put on the use of individual instruments or the coordination of the entire marketing mix.

During the workshop, we encourage employees to actively participate, which promotes learning success and increases motivation. Based on the existing market data, they can put the knowledge they have learned into practice.

Benefit from our experience in the method-based execution of workshops and in dealing with participants. You determine location, time and duration. We develop the appropriate guideline for you and carry out the workshop with our qualified personnel.

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