Test your product idea.


Give your customer the chance to test your idea before you introduce a new product or product variation. In a product test, a product is given to some people to test it. In a concept test carried out during an earlier stage of the development process, a verbal description or an image of a product idea is shown to potential customers. So, information on the subjective appreciation and judgement is collected.

This marketing fool can be applied to the actual product or to partial factors (testing of names, packaging, taste or usability). The test can be made either in a studio or at home (Home-Use-Test), with or without product alternatives. We do not only test material products, but also innovative services of all kind on their chance for success.

Your advantage

We tell you how your product idea is accepted by your customers. Use this instrument to choose test persons, who belong to your target group, to do a product test.

Based on these tests we determine your optimal product quality, the effects of a product change or the reputation compared to your competitors’ products. Thus you will get important information to improve your product development process.

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