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Optimise the effectiveness of your individual advertising efforts and media like direct mailing, outdoor advertising or advertising on means of transport.

Advertising efforts are made to influence potential customers’ attitudes and behaviours. The objectives are building image, improving the level of awareness, raising sympathy and, most importantly, increasing sales.

As the implementation of advertising activities causes high costs, companies have to make sure that these efforts lead to the desired results. It is getting harder, though, to reach the consumer and to contrast the competitors because of the sheer flood of information and of how the ways of communication vary.

In an advertising effectiveness analysis we find out how your advertisement really influences the consumers and which changes of attitudes and actions it brings about. We analyse attitudes, emotions, spontaneous reactions caused by the advertising effort in order to determine to what extent the objectives are achieved.

Moreover, the advertising effectiveness analysis gives you a feedback of your campaign in the public and offers possibilities to improve it.

Use the instruments of the advertising effectiveness analysis to check and analyse your advertising success and to optimise your advertising efforts. We implement advertising effectiveness analysis, pre- und post-tests to your campaign and determine the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. The results of this study are a good basis for further planification of future advertising media and material. Thus, smaller advertising budgets can be used much more efficiently.

Advertising effectiveness analysis

Advertising campaigns - pretest and posttest

We support you in analysing your campaigns and conduct both pretests and posttests of your advertising. Our competent team provides you with important information on the effect of your promotional activities and how they change potential customer attitudes and behaviour.

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Advertising effectiveness analysis

Advertising effectiveness of direct marketing

Rely on our experience and competence in order to review the profitability of your advertising.

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Transit, respectively out-of-home advertising, should mainly arouse curiosity. We analyse, if the consumers remember contents of advertising and we find out which contents they recall.

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