Find out strengths and weaknesses of your service.

A vital factor for your success is that your customers and staff are satisfied and loyal.   Over the last years measuring and improving customer satisfaction has become a more and more important marketing objective.

It is crucial to know your customers’ and your staff’s wishes and needs in time in order to improve their satisfaction. By knowing what certain groups of people wish, your company can precisely adjust its services and products to their needs.

Satisfaction is the result of the comparison between subjective expectations and the perceived service or quality of the product. If the service or product exceeds expectations, satisfaction will be achieved. Otherwise customers or staff will be unsatisfied.

Not only do we measure how satisfied your customers or staff are, but we also find out how important single criteria are for them. Therefore you will not be investing in measures which do not improve satisfaction. With our support you will be able to focus your efforts on points which bring about the best use for your customers and thus also for your success.

Benefit from our vast experience in the implementation of customer satisfaction and customer bonding studies to find out your company’s strengths and weaknesses.  We will document, depict and interpret the results of the study. Subsequently we can support you in recommending measures and taking actions.

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