In the following we show you possible steps to make a first study on customer satisfaction.

Conception / Warmup

  • Collect relevant internal data and find out the lack of information
  • Definition and clarification of the precise task (target groups, performance criteria, survey method)
  • Sensitizing the company’s internal staff on the necessity to measure customer satisfaction and to repair deficiencies perceived by the customers


Pretest/qualitative preliminary study

  • Implementing individual interviews or group discussions with customers in order to determine relevant criteria for customer satisfaction and current problems in the eyes of the customers
  • Wording and verifying a customized questionnaire


Implementation of a quantitative study

  • Definition of the target population and the sample size
  • Choice of the best survey form considering methodology and cost (telephone interviewing, personal interviewing, mail questionnaire or online-survey)
  • Organisation, implementation and control of the survey:
    • Determining the customers‘ requirements, expectations and needs
    • Determining the total customer satisfaction as well as the detailed satisfaction of single items
    • Determining the importance of the relevant criteria for customer satisfaction
  • Input and control of the data


Analysing data and deducing recommendations for action

  • Analysing data to determine strategic competitive advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of the customers
  • Reveal reasons for dissatisfaction of specific target groups –> Identify potential for improvement for the business
  • Elaborate precise recommendations for action to increase customer satisfaction
  • Definition of objectives, measures and responsibilities for the implementation of these measures
  • Presenting the findings to the staff to sensitize them


Implementation of the measures

  • Concrete implementation and supervision of measures to improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimisation of products and processes
  • Continuous review of milestones
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