Advertising effectiveness of direct marketing


Direct marketing, like telephone marketing or direct mail marketing, is meanwhile an important part of the marketing mix in many companies. As these activities bring about high expenditures, they have to be controlled in terms of advertising effectiveness.

When we make an advertising effectiveness control, we analyse to what extend the invested effort is reasonable in relation to the success generated by the advertising campaign. Doing this, we subdivide success in economic (e.g. sales volume, market share) and non-economic criteria (e.g. advertising recall, image).

Your advantage

Rely on our experience and competence in order to review the profitability of your advertising. When we examine the advertising effectiveness of a direct mailing campaign for instance, we link the mailing list (the addresses of the mail receivers) with the list of the buyers of the advertised product. So we show you the success of your direct mailing campaign by a comprehensive and targeted analysis. Subsequently it is possible to optimise further direct marketing activities.