Ghost shopping (test purchase / test consultation)


Ghost shopping is made to monitor the consultation and service quality at the point of sale.
Trained test buyers look at your business premises, they ask for services and consultations, they place an order or make a complaint. This means, they behave like ordinary customers.
After the test purchase the ghost shoppers fill out an assessment sheet and report their impressions and experiences. All relevant criteria is then presented statistically and the situation is also described in a free form.

In customer surveys subjective judgements are revealed, whereas real facts are monitored through ghost shopping. Thus objective information on staff and their behaviour is determined. A comprehensive training of the ghost shoppers is absolutely necessary, because they must not be exposed. It is possible to include competitors in the analysis so that a direct comparison can be done.

Your advantage

As we make a systematic monitoring on the spot, you can be sure that we identify strengths and weaknesses. Our trained staff will procure practical and realistic information on the behaviour at the point of sale. We do not only monitor the selling behaviour, but we can also take a closer look at your services and your business premises.

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