Market analysis - Trend analysis

Trend analysis


How do your customers and your competitors think, feel and act now and in the future? Have socio- and psychographic conditions, like needs, values or income, changed or will they change in the future? And how do these changes influence your customers’ behaviour?

The assessment of situations now and in the past is very important, however, the early and accurate identification of trends is crucial for the business success in a rapidly changing world. Only those who manage to anticipate changes in customers and competition can adjust their strategies and marketing mix purposefully.

Your advantage

We make explorative personal interviews and focus groups with people of your target group to find out trends. This allows us to identify factors relevant to your success and indicators for future market changes. Interviews with experts can support these findings. Thanks to quantitative studies and statistic forecasts we are able to determine results for future developments.

Our assessments show you where you are going to. Thus we enable you to be prepared for market changes or changed customer desires at an early stage, thus enabling you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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