Image analysis


The perception of image strongly influences buying decision, because many customers are rather guided by an emotional attitude towards a company or a product than by functional or rational factors.

For a company it is therefore important to know, if its self-perception is in accordance with the customers’ perception. The image analysis aims at looking at the company profile from the point of view of the whole market. The results of this inquiry show which factors have to be changed in order to alter the image or to create a new image.

Your advantage

We analyse images with the aid of customer surveys. Sometimes they are completed by the evaluation of complaints. The image analysis is used for both business-to-business and consumer studies. We question target groups which are relevant to you and evaluate the results in terms of possible optimisation potentials.

Central questions concern awareness, the evaluation of the product range, price policy or the experience customers make when they buy a product or communicate with the company.
Obviously, our qualified staff tailors the implementation of an analysis to your requirements and wishes.

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