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What is market and opinion research?

The objective of market and opinion research is to find out people’s opinions, attitudes, behaviour pattern or wishes regarding different subjects. Market and opinion research is made on the initiative of a market research agency or on behalf of companies or organisations.

As a market research agency we conform to the following professional rules:

  1. We work scientifically (market research companies do not advertise for products or services).
  2. » We guarantee anonymity and conform to data protection laws (separation of your answers and your personal data).
  3. We do not mix the surveys with actions which have nothing to do with research (your personal data is only used for the actual survey and will be irrevocably deleted afterwards).
  4. We will not urge you to participate (principle of voluntariness).

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Why was I called? Where did MAIX have my telephone number from?

Of course it is not possible for MAIX to question the whole population for a survey. Thus we only question a sample that represents the whole population. The sample is chosen according to certain criteria so that the results are representative for the whole population.

Basically there are two different ways of acquiring telephone numbers for our polls:

  1. When we question the clients of a company, for example on their satisfaction with the company, we are given the names and telephone numbers by our client. The number is chosen at random.
  2. When we make other polls, for instance a market study or a general opinion poll, telephone numbers are taken at random per computer from public telephone directories (RDD = Random Digit Dialing method). This is why you can be called even though you are not registered in a public telephone book.

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What is the difference between market and opinion research on the one hand and advertisement and sales on the other?

It is not always easy for participants to find out whether they are called for market research purpose or sales.
Here we show you a few criteria to recognise if you are really asked to take part in a survey.
The following rules apply to all MAIX interviewers:

  • Every interviewer tells his name and MAIX as the implementing market research agency.
  • All questions of the called person are answered.
  • The interviewer refers to the protection of anonymity.
  • Our telephone number is displayed.
  • The participation is voluntary.
  • Our calls are strictly made between 9 a.m. and 9.30 p.m.

Only market researchers are allowed to call without being asked. Unannounced calls for advertisement or sales, so-called “cold calls”, are prohibited by the Supreme Court.

Market and opinion research is scientific work, it is not allowed to mix it with other actions. Moreover » anonymity and data protection are guaranteed. A crucial criterion is that answers are only evaluated in an anonymised form. Conclusions cannot be drawn on individuals. 

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What happens to my answers?

Once the survey is completed the results are anonymised.

This means that your personal date is separated irrevocably from your answers. Therefore tracing a conclusion to you is impossible and is not wanted. Personal data or information is not passed on to third parties.

The data we get from the interviews are evaluated using scientific methods and summed up to results, which then are presented to our customers in form of a report.

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We guarantee anonymity and data protection!

We promise quality: We are members of BVM and ESOMAR!

» www.bvm.org (Bundesverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V.)
» www.esomar.org (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)



MAIX supports the » initiative market and social research.
Everyone benefits from market and social research!
Thank you for your support.



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